Great Commission
Missionary School

2215 NE 106th Ave, Portland, OR 97220

Phone: (971) 231 – 4977
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions


Can we bring our cars?

Majority of the time the students ride together in the 15-seater vans, which are owned by the school and included in the tuition. Students are allowed to bring their personal vehicle but we would like to note that fuel expense for personal cars is not included in the tuition.


What is our schedule like? Will I have time to work and/or hangout on weekends?

The next few months of student life will be quite busy with many activities including: lectures, ministry opportunities, trips, fellowships or adventures. There are a few weekends that will be free for catching up on school work, relaxing and exploring PNW.

Can my family visit me? Can I take trips home?

Although being a student on the program is a commitment and will keep you quite busy most days, we would love for you to see your family, and we would especially love to meet them as well. We just ask that you speak with staff for what days you plan to be away. See rules for more details.

How are the living arrangements for guys and girls?

We have two residences where students live, one for males and one for females. Each residence is equipped with bunk beds and students will be assigned a bunk and closet space (for personal belongings) upon arrival. 


How much money should I bring with me?

Your tuition will cover all program events, class time, living arrangements, transportation and meals. All other personal expenses such as snacks, personal hygiene items, school supplies, personal outings, etc. will not be included in the tuition cost. Also, the Mexico / States trip during the course of the semester is not included in the tuition. Bring as much as you see fit for personal expenses.

What is significant about GCMS?

Past students always mention that the biggest contribution to their spiritual growth was the family atmosphere that was cultivated at GCMS. We have a dedicated team of staff members that reside with the students, which allows for daily prayer support and counsel; with the goal of bringing the gospel to each student and equipping them as future ministers and missionaries. Just as in the Book of Acts, together we learn how to grow in doctrine, abide in fellowship, break bread and pray consistently.